We are currently allowing one client in the building for scheduled appointments only. Please call us for more information on scheduling an appointment where you can come in with your pet.

Curbside Only - What That Means for You and Your Pet

To ensure the safety of our staff and clients, we are currently operating “curbside only.”
When you arrive at our facility, park in a numbered parking spot, and give us a call.
All of our spots are numbered, and when you call, the receptionist will note what number spot you are parked in.

If you are here with your pet, the receptionist will come get your pet from your car, and bring them into the clinic. From there a technician will call you for a history, and make a plan for what your pet will be getting while inside the clinic. Once your pet has been examined and/or treated, the doctor will call you to discuss your pet’s health and results (if any). Please be sure to be ready to answer calls while you are parked in our parking lot.

If you are arriving at the clinic for a food or medication pickup, someone will bring your order out to you. We are not allowing clients in the building right now for any reason. Please give us a call if you have any questions about our curbside operations.

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