Pearland Pet Health Center Tour

Even the young ones will feel comfortable in their special area while waiting for their four-legged friends to be checked out by the vet!
Our kennels are all indoors, and provide an adequate amount of space for any sized pet. Our goal is to make not only the pet comfortable, but provide reassurance to the owner that their pet is well taken care of.
Our in-house lab is fully furnished with state of the art equipment to assist in diagnosing your pet as quickly as possible.
As you enter the front doors, you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable reception staff. Our front lobby is open enough to allow you to not feel crowded, yet we have a semi-wall barrier to keep those that do not play well together apart.
Our pharmacy is stocked with many medications for your convenience and for the well being of your pet.
Each exam room is uniquely decorated. All rooms contain individual tv’s for your choice of program viewing. We supply educational material to keep you informed on all aspects of your pet’s health and well being. We also keep a healthy supply of doggy treats in the cookie jars. We strive to make what may seem to be a tense visit as stress-free as possible.
The treatment room is the heart of the building. This room houses all of our post-surgical patients, provides plenty of room for observation and contains oxygen cages and icu support. This space allows us perform our exams for drop-off patients, dentals, and all of the "behind the scene" functions.
Our backyard is spacious enough to allow the pets to see one another and take care of their business, however, pet’s are never allowed to physically interact with one another without the client’s permission.