Cat and Dog Boarding Pearland, TX | Trusted Care For Your Pet

The expert staff at Pearland Pet Health Center are happy to provide boarding for cats, dogs and other animals here at our clinic. Providing veterinary care for Pearland animals since 2005, there's no better choice for cat and dog boarding in Pearland, TX. Please review the guidelines and information below before boarding your cat, dog or exotic pet with us, so check-in and check-out is as speedy as possible.


Whether you're boarding your cat, dog or other animal with us, you can drop your pet off at any time between 7:00AM - 5:30PM at our clinic on your scheduled drop off day. (Saturday pet drop-off times are 8:00AM - 12:30PM) We understand that your time is valuable, so for a faster check-in, we encourage your to have a copy of our pet boarding form filled out (to download form, click here) to bring with you.

For faster check-out, you may call ahead with a credit card number or leave a credit card on file with our vet clinic staff at check-in. We'll prepare your paperwork and receipt, so it's ready for you when you pick up your pet. Pet pick-up time is after 11:00AM on your pet's scheduled departure date. If you need to pickup your pet before 11:00am special accommodations can be made upon check in, just let us know!


As Pearland's most trusted veterinary clinic, we treat cats, dogs and exotic animals, in addition to offering boarding services for Pearland family pets. We want to make sure your pet leaves as healthy as when they came in. We are here for the health of everyone's pets, and that is why we require that all pets be current on vaccinations to stay with us.

Vaccinations Required for Dog Boarding

Vaccines required for dog boarding are Rabies, DHPP, Flu (both H3N8 * H3N2), Bordetella and a Fecal. (Bordetella and Fecal must have been done within the past 6 months.)

Vaccinations Required for Cat Boarding

Vaccines required for cat boarding are Rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

If your dog or cat is not current on these vaccinations, we will be happy to update these vaccines when you drop him or her off for their boarding stay. If pet vaccines were provided elsewhere, we must have written proof upon check-in, prior to your pet staying with us.

Learn more about cat and dog vaccinations at Pearland Pet Health Center by clicking here.

Pet Personal Items Policy

You are welcome to bring your pet's favorite toy or bed during their stay, but please understand any belongings left with your pet may become damaged or even destroyed. It is not uncommon for a boarding pet to be more destructive than they may be at home.

We have plenty of bedding, bowls, towels, and toys in the clinic. These items are available for your pet's comfort and enjoyment and are disinfected after every use.

We feed all of our boarders Science Diet adult dry food. If you cat or dog has a sensitive stomach or eats something different, it is best if you bring their normal diet so they do not change what they would normally eat while boarding.

• Please label any food or belongings that are brought with your boarding pet.

• Please take into consideration that we have many pets staying with us. These pets are both being hospitalized and boarding with us.

• Please do NOT bring anything that is dear to your cat or dog.


Dogs staying with us go out a minimum of 2 times per day, but typically anywhere from 3-5 times per day, depending on how busy we are and how many dogs we have boarding with us.

Our fenced back yard is sectioned into 6 large areas for dogs to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with privacy and safety. All of our boarders are let out separately, in their own yard, as we do not let pets meet that do not know each other already.

Owners of pets boarding with us have the option to elect for extra "playtime" in which they can choose your pet's favorite activity and a staff member will take extra time to engage and exercise your pet. Our playtime menu is viewable with our boarding form, check it out to see all of the activities we offer! Playtime is $10 for each 15 minute session.

Dog Boarding Bath Policy

At Pearland Pet Health Center know you appreciate a clean dog to welcome home; therefore, a bath is required for all dogs boarding with us for more than one night. It is hard to predict if a dog is going to get dirty due to walks in the mud, or just plain fun with their water bowl. When a dog stays 2 nights or more they will get a free bath. We use Adam's flea and tick shampoo, unless another shampoo is requested. A nail trim can be added upon request for a fee of $16.89 plus tax.

Cat Baths

We can also bathe your cat upon request, however, baths are not required for cats. Sedation is sometimes the least stressful way to put your kitty in water and will be used if the doctor or staff feels a bath without sedation is just too much for your cat to handle. After the bath, your cat will be warmed in our dryer and lavished by a good brushing.


• Below are cat and dog boarding rates for stays here at our Pearland clinic - charged per pet, per night.

• While we are unable to offer discounted boarding rates, even if you request your pets to be boarded together in the same kennel, you'll rest easy knowing that they're being cared for by our caring, attentive clinic staff.

• Dog Boarding: $31.00 per night

• Cat Boarding $26 per night

• Exotic Boarding $30 per night

• Day Boarding (any kind of animal) $17.91 per day


**Before boarding your exotic pet with us, please call ahead before check-in, so we can go over what you will need to bring for the duration of your exotic pet's stay with us.