Our Receptionists

Patricia Cloud

Patricia joined PPHC in July, 2016 as a kennel technician, but has now taken on the role of a caring customer service representative . Patricia grew up in Pearland where she was home-schooled, and now resides in Manvel. When she is not working, Patricia loves being outdoors with her daughter, son, and two dogs.

Analiyah Quiroa

Analiyah started working with us in April 2018. She grew up in Houston and currently lives in Rosharon with her family. She is currently in school and has plans to become a veterinarian one day. She enjoys dancing and reading and in her spare time enjoys trying new food places with friends. Analiyah currently has 2 rabbits, Ben and Hedwig, and 2 dogs, Ders and Bane.

Linda Carl

Linda moved here recently from Philadelphia where she was born and raised. PPHC is her first job since relocating and is loving her experience in Texas. She is a mother to 2 grown children and currently lives with her boyfriend, 3 kitties, and her dogs- beagle/coonhound mix Rusty and German Shepard Brody. In her spare time Linda likes to explore her new surrounding areas like the beach. Whenever possible, she likes to return to Philly to spend time with her daughters.

Kathy Griffith

Kathy started with us in the fall of 2018 when she was recently retired. She has worked many years in the human medical field and wanted to try her hand at working with helping animals. She grew up in Dallas and currently lives in Pearland with her husband and their shepard/golden retriever cross Precious. In her spare time Kathy enjoys playing with her dog and gardening. Her main goal in life is to enjoy it!